I'm back and on a Pantry Challenge

I have been out of action for so long that I'm not even sure I can stick to a plan....I've become a pure fly by the seat of my pants girl when it comes to meals.  After surgery I had no desire to eat and really didn't for about five or six of the fourteen recovery weeks I've had but now my appetite is back and my wallet is empty.......so PANTRY CHALLENGE it is!  For at least the next one to two weeks we are going to eat some of the things that really need to be rotated or donated as I've had them for quite some time.  I inventoried my freezer and have two rings of smoked turkey sausage, four hot dogs, a pre made baked eggroll bag, a pound or so of ground beef, one pound of breakfast sausage and a package of ham that I saved from the last full ham I made.  I also had a pre made box of breaded eggplant rounds, tater tots, and hash browns, and three frozen balls of pizza crust. The rest of my freezer is full of frozen veggies and home made strawberry/blueberry jam.  Now my pantry....that's where the eating down must occur so even if the meat dwindles to nothing we are set for sides.  I ain't buying no dry goods till they're all gone.

SUNDAY--Eggplant Stacks with ricotta and red sauce, pizza crust foccacia bread.

MONDAY--Macaroni and Cheese, (pantry) and Hot Dogs, green beans with almonds or Baked Eggrolls.  However, the fast food value menu might be an option as we have a late soccer game.

TUESDAY--Tasty Lentil Tacos, or Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole.  Depending on which I make will determine the sides.

WEDNESDAY--Birthday Dinner at Kotobuki Japanese Steakhouse

THURSDAY--Baked Chicken Breasts (using Rice Krispies in place of cornflakes), Rice-a Roni, Green Veggies

WEEKLY DESSERT:  Sugar Cookies

So the only thing I'm buying this week is the BOGO chicken breasts at my store, milk, eggs, maybe buttermilk, Manwich, some shredded lettuce, and fruit.  Since there is only two of us eating full time at home now, the stuff in my freezer could last for a while because honestly I believe that when I incorporate the energy costs of cooking it's cheaper to eat out!  But, not so good for my health :(
My youngest seems to be pretty happy to eat a home cooked meal though.....aargh I guess I'll have to keep on cooking for at least the next year or until he leaves for college.  Truly, I love the cooking, I just don't want to clean up