My Non Art but Super Creative Boy #2 Masterpiece

Can you guess what this is?  I would have never guessed myself had I not been told, although the pavement surely gives it away.  You see as my "baby" is a senior this year, and as tradition dictates, every car driving senior is able to paint their "senior spot" with whatever they feel driven to, provided it stays within the conduct code for the school.  There is a specified time and an appointed employee rides around in their golf cart overseeing her minions :D
My boy can not even draw a circle but he investigated on YouTube how to do this scape and I have to say "Good Work, Lad "
{English Accent}
He is the most industrious person I know when he wants something.  I only wish he hadn't used my new knife, spatula, and ping pong table to practice :(
However, I'm deciding to call my newly decorated kitchen utensils and table,!