Menu Plan Monday 9/15/14

This week is going to be throw it together, use whatever is in the frig, I really don't care what I eat type of menu!  I'm headed out for a weekend cruise on Friday and this entire week is going to be filled with trying to organize things so that I can go with a clear conscience.  I have an oven now so at least I can use up things that are in my freezer (my freezer meals will be used finally).  My heating element broke right in two.  One call to my friendly Appliance Doctor and 14 minutes later it was fixed....I'm thankful that I didn't need to replace the entire thing.
Hope your week is filled with good things :)

Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Pizza Recipe
Homemade Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella and Basil
To Do:  Gather all things for work, call Dad for passport info.

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia
Herb and Basil Couscous
Frozen Veggies
To Do:  Get car washed, pay bills, check in on line, wrap present, text Nancy, clean out email, start laundry, make packing list, grocery store for essentials.

Green Peas
To Do:  Finish laundry, pull out suitcase and start packing.

Image result for artichoke pictures
To Do:  Hairdresser, run by pharmacy get necessities eg: makeup, call MD office, ask about taking water on trip, finish packing, run by wd, go to Vic's, get letter notarized, buy card for anniversary of dear friends, finish cleaning house. Retrieve passport from safe. Call Debbie about next week.

Seriously whatever we can find.  I am attending a birthday party/wine tasting.
To Do:  Finalize travel plans and fill up gas tank, put together a bag for last minute things.

Nothing, Boy #2 will be at Mamaw's and Boy #1 likes to cook for himself.  He can have anything he finds in the freezer!

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