Recipe Review

I almost skipped out on making this....almost headed over to the Golden Arches, or the BK Lounge for a dastardly fast food dinner. But I didn't.  You see, my youngest and I are usually the only ones home for dinner and I really hate to cook if I know I'm going to have leftovers that no one will eat (especially with a new recipe).  This recipe was quite sketchy if I say so myself.  We absolutely love, love peanutty chicken that has the same base for the sauce but chickpeas with that peanutty sauce???  To be quite honest I wasn't sure myself and I'm an adventurous eater.  Of course, I was all like "It will be delicious", and my teenager was all like "Can I get wings?"  I think what sold him on giving this recipe a shot was my steadfast resolve that if he ate junky junk food he would have to use his own money. (while I was secretly thinking junky junk food would be SO much easier and taste better!)
Lo and behold though, it was good, surprisingly good.  This dish was super simple for weeknights too, as long as you have your veggies prepped prior....and if you had to chop your veggies it wouldn't really be too time consuming.  I'm just weeknight lazy but you, you could absolutely chop all the veggies in 3 minutes flat, I'm certain.  If you are looking for a veggie dish that has great flavors give it a try.  All of my amounts are based on the recipe, but freely interpreted my ME :o)

I made several additions, slight adaptations to account for our taste.

Instead of vegetable stock, I used chicken (was open in the frig)
For a salty flavor I added a bit of soy sauce (I didn't add any salt to recipe)
For balance, I added a squeeze of honey to the dish.
My fresh cilantro wasn't viable any longer so I used dried cilantro (I don't have any coriander)

Peanut butter chickpea curry - just a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter adds so much flavour to this easy curry recipe!
My dish looked very similar to this but alas I didn't have any light to obtain a good one myself.
Thanks to for sharing the recipe and picture!