Menu Plan Monday 8/4/14

In addition to being "kid free", I ate in restaurants for the entire past week!  Needless to say the pound(s) of hamburger tied around my waist live on.  I'm not going to be able to do much about that either because our family has a multitude of birthdays in the upcoming week.  My plan will be super healthy for breakfast and lunch and whoop it up for dinner...within reason, of course (bahaha).  I'm gonna pull forward a few things that I was going to make last week but for the most part I'm planning a new menu.  Vegetables and fruits are going to be center stage.  We need them for the nutrition and I don't want to waste all the things I've bought.


(my newest creation....hopefully they'll like it)
Homemade Pizza (by me) for Taylor's Birthday
To Do:  Buy roll sausage, buy a rotisserie chicken x3, cheese, at Sam's when I'm buying tp.

Grilled Pork Chops
Green Beans
To Do:  Laundry etc, prepare for the week.

(using lots and lots of veggies)
Toast with Roasted Garlic Butter
To Do:  put chicken in the frig, for slow defrost

Go Tabby, It's Your Birthday :)
No cooking!
To Do:  Nothing, it's my birthday

Pearled Couscous
Steamed or Roasted Veggies
To Do:  Cut up lettuce and Tomato for sandwich night, get good bread and cold cuts.

Turkey BLT Sandwiches
Potato Salad
To Do:  Nothing, no cook Friday is tomorrow! Yay!

However, I really want to eat...

Chicken Verde Mac & Cheese
so you never know.....I might be in the kitchen after all!

1.  Kind bars
2.  Cherries (on sale)
3.  Boiled Eggs
4.  Half of a Bagel

1.  Wrap with chicken and veggies
2.  GreekYogurt--two times daily (need my probiotic fix)
3.  Popped chips--Aldi organic brand
4.  Simple meat with one slice cheese quesadilla (heated in the microwave)
5.  100 calorie pack of cheese crackers (like cheez-its)
6.  Fruit for snacks

**Trying to minimize the processed nature of what I eat....but I have a hard time not having crispy with my lunch.  Portion sizes will be key since I'll be eating pretty cruddy for dinners.

I'm not shooting to try too many new things this week because I'm hoping I'll be fairly good with my eating.  I certainly need to in order to untie the 5 pounds of hamburger that are currently inhabiting the area formerly know as my waist :D
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