Menu Plan Monday 8/18/14

Seriously ya'll...I have got to get a handle on this eating thing!  I haven't cooked much at all for this entire last week or truthfully, this whole summer.  I could go on and on about the excuses/reasons why.....but really does it matter? I have to suck it up and figure it out.  School is starting again this week and I am so getting cooking organized.  I'm going to spend the weekend cleaning out my frig and freezer and then I'm chopping veggies, lettuce, and prepping meats for the week.  Since my vegetable intake has been lacking, I'm going to grill up some chicken breasts and add them to salads for my weekly lunches.  I think that since boosting my probiotic level is working on some level, I will continue my twice daily yogurt intake.  However, I'll be using the plain kind with some yummy fruity/berry topping I've made with a lot less sugar than those individual servings bought at the store.  I have lots of glass containers so I'm planning to portion everything on Sunday so I'll be able to throw one in my lunch box without any trouble or hmmm hmmm (clearing my throat) excuses.

Here I go again...........
That's my niece...but I think her face says it all.

Peanut butter chickpea curry - just a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter adds so much flavour to this easy curry recipe!
(lots and lots of veggies)
(making extra rice for an easy coconut rice pudding)
To Do:  Put chicken in marinade

Grilled Chicken Salad
Corn Muffins
To Do:  Nothing off tomorrow

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia
Homemade Tartar Sauce
Fresh Green Beans
To Do:  Make Burgers

Spicy Burgers with Sharp Cheddar and Chunky Blue Cheese Aioli
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
Frozen Mixed Veggies
(Boy #2 Request)
To Do:  Nothing, tomorrow is Friday!


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