Cooking For One or Two

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Healthy eating satisfies me.  Really, no don't fall over holding your side thinking that I'm pulling your chain, blowing smoke up your really satisfies me.  I like the feeling of knowing that I'm putting healthy things in my mouth.  I like not feeling bloated because I've eaten a shaker full of salt uknowingly.  I like knowing that anything I make at home is about half of the calories compared to the same item in a restaurant.  I like knowing that I use real ingredients for my recipes with less preservatives.

Yup, I like all of those things.

But....I don't like to clean up the kitchen sometimes and because I have teenagers who are never home that's what I have to do.  So sad for me.  I think I'm going to have to learn and blog about freezer meals for one so I can pull it out, heat it up with only one, yes, one dish to put in the dishwasher. 

So I'm starting a weekly series (4 weeks) about my successes and failures with freezer cooking for one or two.  I'm thinking that the prep time will be easier and quicker but who knows???  I need to learn though and keep some options for those night that I end up eating chips or toast or Ramen noodles when all my peeps flake out on dinner to do fun things.

Here are the usual things on my list that can be portioned for one or two:
1.  Hamburgers--freezer
4.  Vegetarian BLT's--I plan on using this for a non freezer easy meal

These are my first ones to try and eat for the week.  I'll review and let you know whether they are keepers or throw backs.