Week in Review

So...I went to New York City on Monday for work, and came home on Tuesday.  Wow, a whirlwind of a trip, but so exciting.  Sometimes it's just nice to be pampered in a hotel that the concierge is actually waiting and willing to assist you.  I live in Florida where the concierge is only giving out pamphlets for tourist attractions after you wait in a very, very, long line. My room's air conditioner had been lowered prior to my arrival for comfort and the really nice/new tv had been turned on to the information station so I would know what quick something I could walk to go see. I chose Central Park and St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Aaaah..it's the little things.  You see, I only had about an hour to explore before I was due for the welcome dinner.  But that's okay because I now know that fall/winter will be ideal to take a long weekend and spend some time seeing all of the other things that I missed.  My co-worker was surprised by the brusque nature of New Yorkers, but everyone just seemed busy to me.  Not particularly rude or unkind, just busy.

Central Park

St Patrick's Cathedral

A sweet treat after a four course meal and a delicious dessert..shhh don't tell but I ate both.

Before I left for the weekend though, I made a really tasty sandwich loosely based on the recipe found here.  

I served this tasty sammy with a chopped salad and made changes due to my lack of ingredients.  I had no poppy seeds so I used sesame.  I also added onion-onion and garlic-garlic from tastefully simple and traded the rolls for a whole loaf of 5 grain wheat bread that was freshly baked.  I scooped out some of the excess bread and poured some of the liquid on the inside before pouring the rest over the top.  I was a little worried that the bread would be soggy but it wasn't....actually it was candied.  A little sweet, a little savory. It's a good thing I snapped a couple pictures early cause my boys ate it all up.  Every stinkin bit. I'm not complaining because with both of them working and doing school activities I end up with more leftovers than I'd like most days.

Oh and one last shot of my trip...this is the corner where I realized I would live.  My cab driver was a maniac but just like most men when I started asking him about himself, he slowed down and started driving somewhat normal.  My first thought was I made it through the flight to get killed in a car before I even see what Manhattan looks like.
E 50th St and Madison

Tomorrow I'm off to beach soccer in Clearwater, FL.  My only beach trip this summer (I should have planned better and gone in May when it's really gorgeous weather).  Fingers crossed it doesn't rain.  Have a happy weekend yourself.  I'm taking lots of pictures for you to see when I'm there and I know you can't wait for that {wink wink}!