Menu Plan Monday 7/7/14

I've always thought that having a job where plenty of doing nothing would be fantastic.  But, it's not as easy or as fun as it sounds.  Searching for things to do is not simple and goes against all of my industrious, list making personality traits.  I can only search the internet so many times before even I get bored with myself. I've entered the Publisher's Clearing House giveaway every day and even played ALL of the little lotto games that come after the initial entry.  Really?  You and I both know that's not appropriate for work.  Next week though I will be attending an investigator meeting in New York City (which I've never visited before) so at least I'll be learning and seeing something new.  We are staying here and I'm quite excited!
All to myself room.

Honey-Baked Sriracha Chicken Wings
Burn your face off wings!
I made the Honey Baked Sriracha Wings last Sunday and have determined that I can't tolerate Sriracha very well.  My boy #2 had mixed up some honey sriarcha sauce for something else before and had some left over so I figured I would just use that to marinate the wings..... and then my face just about burned off. This coming from a girl that really, really loves jalapeno, serrano, and chipotle.  Cayenne pepper is great!  Crushed red pepper is great!  Sriracha no! (at least for my wimpy mouth).  My recommendation is to make the marinade as the recipe is written if you're a wimp like me.  

The queso was fantastic as always and who could complain about brownies?  They are both just plain good picnic food.

I'm headed out this coming weekend to beach soccer which will force me to get some freezer things done for the weekend.  I'm even breaking down and buying foil containers so I don't have to haul anything back home with I just have to figure out what to make.  Oh and I think I'll double everything so I don't have to cook much in the weeks coming up.  This week's menu will be short and sweet because of all my traveling.  Boy #1 typically doesn't eat at home much although he's always welcome to so I'll leave some stuff in the freezer if he cares to cook.  Here's my ideas.

Hope your week is fun and groovy.
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Bisquick Chicken--using chicken breasts unless I get a deal on a whole chicken.
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Kitchen Sink Salad--or better yet get rid of everything leftover in the frig salad.

I'll post my beach/eating plan midweek when I figure it all out.