Menu Plan Monday 7/28/14

This seems like the longest month ever.  The heat, the rain, the lack of motivation????  Whatever, but I want Florida November, but not too cool.  Waaaa....I'm whiny today.  I still love, love, love, the beach but I'm just not lovin' this sticky summer we're having.  I will climb down off of my soapbox now and suck it up.  I'll chalk this up to karma or maybe payback for my infrequent, random, less than stellar thoughts about our northern states. Yeh, I'm the one that's secretly laughing at snow covered parts of the country in mid March.  Yes, and I wonder what in the world would possess them to live there.  So this is what I get, sweaty, sticky summers.
On to food for the week.  I've been eating my normal lunches and cutting down portions in order to rid myself of the nagging 5-7 pounds I have accumulated since the dairy-free trial (Initially I lost a few pounds).  I've always been so regimented with my breakfast and lunches, and as a rule they tend to be on the healthy side.  When I deleted cheese as an option, I struggled with finding things that I wanted to eat for lunch that were similar in calories and fat.  After a while, I became less and less concerned with the portion size or content of my breakfast and lunch shows!  At 5'3", every extra pound is like taping a pound of ground beef right around my waist.  At least I still have time before I have put jeans back on...and I'm pretending that no one can tell when I'm wearing my bathing suit...bahahaha.
Have a great week and be happy not sweaty.

Tasty Lentil Tacos Recipe
Lentil Tacos
Dairy Free Sour Cream
Honey Roasted Tomatoes
(my current obsession)
Chopped Lettuce
Roasted Corn on the Cob
To Do:  Take out dough and put in frig.

Green Salad


Burrito Bowl
(using leftover lentils and some black beans)
It's a Tex-Mex kinda week.
Greek Greens with Potato Salad
Greek Salad


Jalapeno Chicken
(Finally a fixed grill)
Grilled Veggie
Rice or Noodles


Pretzel Dogs
Roasted Potato Wedges

Cheesy Rice and Ham
Something grilled

Peanutty Chicken Pasta
Roasted Garlic Bread

Mom's out for Girl's Night

Oh yeh right, like I'm cooking on a Friday, lol

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***UPDATE:  I just found out that this week is camp for my Boy #2! No cooking at all for me.  I'll roll this menu right on to next week.