Do you remember this from the Amazing Race?  Seriously when we were visiting Vegas a few weeks back, we had no intention of stopping by this museum for old neon signs.  Really, we were just trying to avoid a back up on the interstate coming back from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  We were also really bummed when they weren't doing tours at the time of the day we stopped by.  In the summer time, their tour hours change to early morning and evening.  Yes, we were there at around 11 am. I think we missed the last one by like an hour.  However, the nice tour guide lady allowed us to use the restroom so we glimpsed a few of the signs.  The security guard was a nice guy too.....he stood by the bathroom door waiting for us to come off so that we didn't dash away to neon bliss.  Heehee.  But when I'm out that way again, I'm gonna stop by for sure to do the full tour.