Menu Plan Monday 6/30/14

So last week it was all about no dishes and this week I think I'm going to be dirtying a few lots.  I'm wanting some healthy fresh and cool things this week which always seems to involve a lot of chopping of vegetables  But first, I have a few reviews of things that I ended up making last week.

Dorothy's Roasted Chicken was way more delicious than I expected.  I made it with chicken pieces instead of a whole chicken and put the olive tapenade on the skin instead of under.  I also squeezed the lemon juice over the chicken instead of stuffing the cavity.  The bay leaves didn't have a home so I just omitted them.  No picture  :( but the outside was perfectly browned and the meat was flavorful and moist.  Since the "recipe" is really just about a good method of seasoning I'll definitely make this again.

Okay, I'm a tad bit ashamed to admit this, but I have never broiled a steak before.  Living in Florida, we can grill all year long and it's so simple that I've never needed to broil. psycho dachshund bit a hole in the gas line and now I need to get it repaired before I do any more grillin.  In the psycho dog's defense, maybe she was chasing a wayward snake on my back porch which in my mind is good because she would have eaten it for lunch.  I have an irrational fear of snakes and don't even care if they are helpful in keeping other critters away.  Anyhow, I used this information to time the rather thick steak that had been marinating in this for about 3 days.  Yet again, I was surprised at the good flavor and the tenderness of the quite lean and thick steak.

Needless to say since my grill is broken, I have yet to make the crack burgers that were on the menu for last week.  I'll either save them for when the grill is fixed (they are frozen) or I'll broil or pan fry them.
The rest of my week will be cold, on top of the stove, and holiday food for celebrating the 4th.  Have a great week and be happy!
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Cobb Salad
To Do:  Shred cheese for the frig, shop, boil eggs, make pancakes for the freezer, make pasta salad,

(with Chicken)
Sunflower Seed Bread with Butter

Family Size Cheese Enchilada
Amy's Cheese Enchilada-Family Size
Black Beans
Mexican Rice

Chips and Salsa

Pancakes with Berry Topping

Holiday Food

That's it!  All easy and minimal heating up of the kitchen!

For the fourth, I have a few ideas....

Queso Dip
This stuff is delicious and addictive!

Red, White and Blue Candy-Topped Brownies
Red, White, and Blue Brownies
They just look cute and kids will love them

Honey-Baked Sriracha Chicken Wings
Honey Baked Sriracha Chicken Wings
These just look like something my boys (and everyone else) would gobble up.

Broccoli Salad
For my BFF

Honey Roasted Cherry Tomatoes-
Honey Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
For me!

Okay I'm off to the store and off of the internet.....if not I'll keep on adding recipes until all I'm doing for the rest of the weekend is cooking :o)


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