Menu Plan Monday 6/23/14

I'm in to starfish right now....basically I think the problem is that I need a trip to the beach.  Unfortunately so far, it just hasn't worked out to go this year.  Between the rain and other trips and activities I haven't had a chance to stick my toes in the sand which makes me sad :(
I'm also not going to be planning a lot of things for dinner this week.  Since the majority of the time it's just me around at dinner time I feel like I've been wasting food and precious time for that matter.  
I did manage to make a few things for the freezer that can either feed all of us or be scaled down to just feed is when I'm not eating peanut butter toast.
{Because then I won't have to wash any dishes lol}
Hope your week is full of joy.

Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich--I made this on Saturday since I found a super duper sale on about 4 lbs of cubed steak.  The entire package was $3.89 and was still before the sell date.  Score

Mini Spaghetti Pies--I made these on Sunday, half for dinner, and half for the freezer.

Crack Burgers--I made these for the freezer because I found a sale on buns....but I left the bacon out...just didn't feel like cooking and then smelling it all day.  I could have cooked the bacon on the grill outside but I'm out of propane and my beloved Boy #1 hasn't been home to switch it out.  That's a boy job fo sure!

I already have baked eggrolls, enchiladas, vegetarian burgers and plenty of veggies in the freezer and in the crisper so I'm set for my week.
No serious dishwashing will occur....we might even use paper plates :p

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