Menu Plan Monday 6/16/14

Things worked out really good last week when I did a few prep things over the well in fact that I think I'll do the same again over this one.  I'm also planning earlier than I normally would since this is a pay week and I'm going to do a big shop.....maybe I'll do two weeks and then I won't have to think about it until next payday.  Father's Day is Sunday and I'm pretty sure my family will get together with my Dad...about as sure as I am that my oldest son will have to work a double shift lol.  Poor thing his holidays are always junked up!
I attended my favorite middle schooler's dance recital today.... a true production with a capital P.  It was a fantastic rendition of The Little Mermaid.  In addition to dancing, there was singing and acting as her dance studio gives instruction in all of those areas.  I didn't get any pictures of the actual play because this time my seat was farther from the stage and the same said favorite middle schooler didn't like the picture that I took of her.  Since I understand the option to delete prior to's gone :(  Maybe I can convince her to put the costume on again and take one that gets her approval.
Okay enough chatter, on to the food.

Brunch at Mission Inn with my Dad and Mom

Sauteed Squash
Bagged Salad (got a deal and I don't want it to go bad)

Green Veggie


I'm going to be shopping and cooking today so the rest of the week is kind of up in the are some of my ideas.

(I'll be using chicken pieces instead of a whole chicken though)

I'm wanting to try some different things and as I'm writing this I have the ambition to do so....I hope my mood stays that way this week.  When the boys aren't home due to friends, work, and play, I get lazy and that's the truth :)
Be blessed.

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