To Do List

I have to write my list so I can look at it on my list app quit working and I've been too lazy to find one that works like it should. This does the job too..... though a bit mundane for anybody but me.
  1. Pay bills and file
  2. Order Tanner's shoes Amazon
  3. Check accounts
  4. Cash check and get money for tomorrow night for me and Ty
  5. Check battery on camera and use it to see how good the pics are
  6. Make toe appt with Wendy
  7. Aldi--plant stand, flowers
  8. Go to Sally for nail polish use coupon
  9. Change purse out, 2x for night and day
  10. Make grocery list and add coupons
  11. Grocery Store for chicken, tp, asparagus, strawberries, bll, almond milk
  12. Turquoise paint for mail box
  13. Check bank account  transfer funds
  14. Make appts for waxing
  15. Contact Kim
  16. Take bill by warehouse
  17. Check grocery ads
  18. Walgreens face scrubbie/new makeup
  19. Dollar store for cards and mom's day wrapping
  20. Call other garbage service provider.Yay cheaper and better!
  21. Laundry
  22. Bake wings
  23. Paint the mailbox
  24. Clean out email
  25. Bake wings
  26. Take blanket off the bed
  27. Spray house
  28. Spray couch with Febreze
  29. Light candles
  30. Check out events in Orlando for weekend
  31. Research supplements then purchase them turmeric, omega 3, vitamin d, baby asa, vitamin e
  32. Call Mom
  33. Get Earth Balance butter, look for sticks, Toffuti sour cream and cream cheese, pick up plain unsweetend almond milk, plain yogurt
  34. Look for berry recipe
  35. Write Debbie a check
  36. Go to bank
  37. Sams for tp and paper towels
  38. Match up coupons
  39. Fill daily supplement box
  40. change flight assignment for seats--tried but web site down