Menu Plan Monday and Weekly Review 5/12/14

This week my oldest son graduated from {gasp} college.  He received his AA degree on Friday and starts his Bachelor's program in the fall.  I am continually astounded by his accomplishments and sincere commitment to leave college without any significant debt.  He's working to pay for his expenses, living at home, and attending a local college to stretch his college funds as far as they can go.  I'd like to attribute that commitment to my influence, but I think he was just born that way.  Regardless, I am SO proud of him!

Over the last twelve days, I've begun to experiment with adding some dairy back in to my daily diet.  I have found that my body really is happier without any.  However, I seem to be able to tolerate small amounts fairly well.  The biggest culprit I have found is the one I miss the most....cheese.  When we ate out for Cinco de Mayo, of course it was Mexican, and that means lots and lots of cheese.  Even though I removed any of the extra grated, I still consumed my fair share.  As a result, my hands swelled for the remainder of the week and my stomach wasn't right either.  Not really upset just growling unnecessarily and I felt like I had gained 10 pounds!  I changed back to my dairy free diet and slowly I'm beginning to feel normal again.  I'm thinking it's a lifestyle change now....I want to feel better and this diet variation is working.  When I get used to this and don't feel deprived anymore, I might even cut out gluten.  Oh my gosh, I can't believe I typed that out loud.  Whew, I may regret this statement.

On to the menu plan portion of my post today.  Last week's menu was made according to what I had written with the exception of the pizza.  I was a little scared to consume anything remotely related to cheese (even if I was eating Daiya).....actually, I was not wanting to cook :D

Happy Mother's Day
Breakfast Out
My sons are cooking some sort of pasta for me, aah how them xoxo
To Do:  Shop for lunch items, prepare pork chops, make a chicken casserole for the freezer.

Pork Chops and Rice
Green Beans
To Do:  Put chicken breasts in the frig and marinade

Grilled chicken
Green Salad
Italian Bread
To Do:  Nothing, off tomorrow and having a work dinner.

I'm dining for a work event, the kids are having leftovers.
To Do:  Prep foods for the remainder of the week.

Garlic Toast

Clean out the frig night better known as..

I'm making a tentative menu for the next week too, or at least shop for some extra ingredients.   We will be out of town for one night next weekend chillin' at the pool of a super discounted hotel close to home.   It's  really more of a staycation since where we are going is less than an hour away.  My oldest son, bless his heart, agreed to stay home and babysit the dog.  Yay!
{I'm completely aware that my almost 21 year old might want to spend a night alone without his yappy brother and Mom, lol}
 Any recipes that use butter or milk will have Earth Balance blend, and almond milk to keep to my dairy free regimen.  I'll post some pics from what we eat during the week.  Be blessed!
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