Menu Plan Monday 5/5/14

My dairy free month is over and I have lost about four pounds without conserving calories in the least.  This is so sad, because I know now that I eat way too much of the gooey stuff. Relaxing the dairy restrictions does make meal planning much easier for the evening meal.  I love me some casseroles topped with cheese.  I actually have a couple in the freezer  that I need to make since they've been in there since this adventure started.  I'll continue to eat breakfast and lunch as dairy free meals but I will "bend" the rules with dinner.  I actually can eat and enjoy salad and a sandwich without cheese for lunch.  Breakfast has always been fruit, protein bar, or eggs and toast so the dairy thing won't be too much of an issue for that meal.  
I'm obsessed with these dairy free cupcakes and I have proceeded to eat a couple of them a day for the last few days.  I'm using The Pioneer Woman website for inspiration for a couple of our meals this week.  I've been reading her blog forever and most everything is delicious....even if you cut the butter/cheese/meat in half.
Have a great week :0)

I make a family favorite but I'm trying something new
Cornbread Muffins
To Do:  Chop peppers and onions for Tuesday meal.

Cinco de Moe's
Free Spicy Quacamole
To Do:  Nothing prep done!

Philly Cheesesteak
I'm eating mine with Daiya cheese, and I'm making the meat on the grill
Pasta Salad
To Do:  Put chicken in the frig

General Tso Chicken
Jasmine Rice
Steamed Green Beans
To Do:  Chop up items for pizza

Homemade Pizza


All junk food for this week but at least 90% of it is made at home.  If it's made at home I at least know what's in it!

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