Menu Plan Monday 5/19/14

One week till we are headed for our trip to Las Vegas.  I'm excited because I'm able to honor a promise made so long ago to my Boy #1.  He has always wanted to visit and I'm going to show him the sights!  Well, kind of.  I'm not sure I'll be able to stay up and run around for all of the night life shenanigans but I'm sure gonna try, lol.
The reason I mention our trip in conjunction with a food post is that I'm tailoring my purchasing to save a little money for my savings trip.  Mid week I ran past the grocery store to pick up some lunch items as I worked last weekend, and it was mother's day and I wanted to read my book, and I wanted to get in the pool, and, and, and....let's just say I didn't do it and I've been eating gross cafeteria food for lunch....although it is dairy free.  Anyway, I came across some pretty spectacular deals on meat for our area.  Chicken Drummettes for $1.09 per pound.  I prefer the flats but my boys will eat anything that resembles a chicken's wings.  Needless to say I got 3 lbs (all they had).  The next deal involved organic chicken thighs which were only $.99 per pound.  I grabbed a couple of those too for the freezer.  The last spectacular deal was the already coated chicken cutlets that were marked at $.99 per pound.  I got 3 packages of them also for the freezer.  I bought some pork chops for this recipe for an okay price and got some hamburger for patties for a good price.  I felt like I got a lot for my money.  
We had one failure for last week's menu.  The pork recipe is tasty but not really to our liking, I was  so wishing that I had grilled or simmered them. Actually, I feel like I wasted my money :( However, they did come out looking exactly like the picture which was nice. Most of Trisha's recipes are good to us but this one, not so much.
Have a great week!

Pan Fried Okra
(A little carby I know!)
To Do:  Laundry, straighten up house, relax before work, prep veggies for week, put sausage in frig, chop tomatoes last minute.

Green Salad
To Do:  Put chicken breast in the frig

Jasmine Rice
Green Beans
To Do:  Nothing, I'm off tomorrow!

Grilled Hamburgers with Avocado and Pico 
Baked Potato Wedges
To Do:  Make salad for tomorrow, make up mix for quiche, make dairy free ranch dressing

Using all dairy free stuff!
Green Salad

probably a make it yourself pizza for me though using the leftovers from the week!

I'm hoping I can be organized and stick to the menu since I'm putting all the extra money I won't be spending in to my savings account...wink wink.
And....I forgot this is a holiday weekend and the first baby boy in my life's birthday is Sunday.....I'll update with pictures.
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