What We Did This Week

I had a creative and fun week....I need so many more of these.

First I decided to paint the mailbox....mine looked something like this picture although faded and with numerous sticker from the previous owners.  You are gonna have to use your imagination because I forgot to take the before picture.

 I painted the outside and replaced the numbers and added some decorations to satisfy my aesthetic.  Here is the result even though the pictures aren't too good.  I couldn't seem to get the light right.

You can tell that the mailbox was old by the pink not red flag on the side.  I actually might get some pink paint to spruce that up too. Isn't the result so cute??  Oooh Aaah, lol

After that I hung this wooden sign on my front door for the spring season.  It caught my fancy in Hobby Lobby while shopping for poster supplies with my Boy #2 (story to follow).

And finally, I made this poster, after receiving a lot of direction from said Boy #2 because he was using it as a prop to ask his friend to go to the prom.  Keep in mind that this was completely his idea and I was just the facilitator (along with a couple of other people) of the plan.  His grand scheme was to surprise his girl by re-enacting the wrecking ball video by Miley Cyrus because.....that is her favorite artist.  So he enlisted his Grandfather to help him get a tire (to mimic the ball), called his friend's Mom to ensure it was okay to hang a rope swing from one of her oak trees, got me to make the poster because in his own words "his handwriting is atrocious", and borrowed a shirt from a friend with Miley Cyrus picture on the front from the Bangerz tour.  I'd say he orchestrated everything perfectly.  Oh and I forgot to mention he wrote a poem of sorts for me to put on the poster.  After all of his (and our) hard work, she said yes....thank the Lord!

Now we have to put all of his prom "plans" in motion.  Who knows what's in store??

As far as food goes, we ate really well and on my part dairy free.  Even though Boy #2 initially started this journey with me, he's only truly dairy free when I cook.  That's perfectly fine with me since he's willing to eat just about anything I make.

We ate Grilled Chicken, Black Beans and Corn with Red Peppers, and Pesto Couscous
We also had Bacon and Avocado Burgers with Roasted Potato Wedges, Beef Roast, and
Crab legs, Sauteed Shrimp, along with Tilapia  They were all great but I didn't take any photos :(

I discovered coconut butter.  It's really tasty and very rich...a little goes a long way.  The fat content makes this satisfying and filling.  I also found a yogurt that fulfills my lunch time need.

That's it for our week.  How 'bout yours?