Pantry Reorganize

I ordered some things from Amazon on Monday after I opened my pantry and things literally fell out. Sometimes, I'm really messy.....
Have a look at the kind of Before picture.  I had already taken out items from one of the shelves that I wanted to organize.  Truly, I border on being a food hoarder.

Well actually these are all of the items that came from just ONE shelf.  Wow!

I used these to expand the amount of room on each shelf and allow me to actually see what is in the cabinet instead of reaching in and having things fall out.  They expand to 24 inches.  I thought I was in trouble when the legs of the shelving kept slipping through the spaces in the wire shelving but I used a little ingenuity and came up with a fantastic solution.  I quickly measured the width and length of the existing shelves and then used the shipping box to place under the new expandable ones.  I cut the box to the correct size and it worked like a charm.

Now, the After 

So much better!