Menu Plan Monday 4/7/14

I made a decision about 4 weeks ago that I haven't shared here on my blog.  Due to my auto immune disorder not getting back to baseline after a severe flare last March, I decided after some research to do at least a 30 day change of my food intake.  I found an "allergy diet" on a blog that I was reading. While I'm not prepared to cut out everything just yet, I have cut out ALL dairy as of April 1.  What is amazing to me, because I think my expectations were pretty low, as nothing I have done over the last 12 months has really made a significant difference in my health status/perception, again my expectation was low is that my symptoms seem to be improving.  One of my primary symptoms....full body itching/pruritis.....began to subside almost immediately.  I mean better sleep, decrease in abdominal bloating with less stomach irritation, and decreased esophageal reflux almost the next day.  My adult facial acne also started to resolve within the first two days.  Hmmmm, coincidence?  Maybe, but enough immediate difference has occurred that I am going to continue eating this way for the next foreseeable future.  Oh, and by the way, I found out that my "cheese addiction" is true.  When I read this article, I was devastated because I love, love, love cheese and have been very hesitant to commit to not eating it on a daily basis. I added cheese to just about everything and ate greek style yogurt daily for the probiotics.   Or maybe I just ate it for dessert, lol.  However, knowing that there were numerous substitutes that I could use, I made a decision and gave myself three weeks to eat stuff myself with butter, cheese, and cream.  I'm learning a lot and will probably make a lot of mistakes. I'll keep you updated on what goes right and any epic fails that might happen.  

Have a great week and leave me a comment if you have any favorite products or ideas that will help me succeed on my dairy free journey!

Toffuti Sour Cream
Pan Fried Corn with Purple Onion and Cream Cheese (Toffuti)

Bacon Avocado Hamburger
To Do:  Prep the wontons, put chicken in frig to marinate, make a dairy free appetizer for the pool, pack lunch, borrow a big steamer pot from my surrogate family.

Crab Rangoon - This crisp, fried wonton is loaded with cream cheese and crab goodness, and it's an absolute party favorite!
Mushroom Wonton
Grilled Chicken
To Do:  Nothing, off work will prep and shop tomorrow


Crab Legs
Sauteed Shrimp
Parmesan Tilapia
Rice Pilaf
To Do:  Prepare crock pot, make mac and cheese, shop, laundry, make homemade mayo  or some of these for crab and tilapia dunking.


Beef Brisket
Macaroni and Cheese
Green Veggie
To Do:  Chop veggies,make up mixture for sauce, put chicken in the frig.


Peanutty Chicken Pasta
Garlic Bread
To Do:  Nothing it's Friday night and I'm working on Saturday.

(Your on your own)

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