Menu Plan Monday 4/28/13

I know that when I don't plan a menu that the week definitely doesn't go well as far as food preparation.  I also know that lately when I make a plan all it means is that I've written a something down not actually followed through.  In my defense, last week my Mom cooked for us one day, and my kids weren't home for two of the planned days.  I cooked once.....give me a medal :D

On Wednesday, I end my dairy free adventure.  I seriously miss cheese, but I like the way my hands feel when I'm not eating it.  Less pain is a great thing.  I'm doing some research on the best of the worst and I am going to slowly add certain things back in and see how I react.  I really liked the Toffuti brand cream cheese and sour cream, so I think I'll use those exclusively now.  I also like the Earth Balance dairy/soy free spread.  Nothing replaces real butter but now I'm consciously deciding whether or not a suitable replacement can be used.  Oh, and almond milk pancakes are delicious.  I actually made almond milk buttermilk and used that for the liquid in the recipe.

Here's what we did this last week.....I guess I did cook a few things.

The one meal made by me.

Boy #2 made Ramen
His bowl.


The colors are so bright when you dye the white of the egg...a Pinterest idea.  We made deviled eggs with them.

MONDAY:  Hamburgers, grilled broccoli, couscous.

TUESDAY:  Baked ham, steamed veggies, scalloped potatoes.

WEDNESDAY:  Fettucine Alfredo with chicken and chipotle peppers, garlic bread.  (I'm going to use almond milk although I will be eating a little butter in the sauce)

THURSDAY:  Enchiladas or Queso Fundido


Have a great week!
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