Daiya Cheese Review

So as my dairy free adventure continues, I'm discovering new products that are making the transition much easier.  I'm glad to say that my beloved cheese topped casseroles will be soon making an appearance on my menu again.
From a layperson person's point of view, this product was questionable at best when I first saw it in my local small tiny health food store.  As a matter of fact, I didn't buy it because it had a weird name and didn't look altogether appetizing when I looked through the peek a boo window on the package.  Lucky for me, I did some investigating on the web and found that this brand is hands down the winner among those who are dairy free.  My oldest son was close to a larger "whole foods" type market and purchased four bags for me.  He gbought two mozzarella, and two cheddar varieties.  Score.  Today I finally had the opportunity to finally try the mozzarella and found it to be delightful.  No, it doesn't taste exactly like mozzarella cheese because,well, it's not but.....melted on top of a crispy pita bread it was delicious.  The melt and stretch factors are over the top!
One thing I noticed though is the time that it takes to get to the stretchy, melty point is a bit longer than dairy cheese.  That's okay for me though....I can work with that just fine.
I love me some cheese :D