Dairy Free Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

I had some time today since my plans for laying in the sun fell through.  It's raining again which is so sad for my glowing white legs.  Anyway, I made cupcakes so I'll feel completely comfortable wearing my bathing suit while tanning my glowing legs.  Yes, sarcasm is rampant today.  
I used a Betty Crocker Devil's Food mix and made it my way.  This includes substituting the water with almond milk and adding some vanilla for a more homemade, rich taste.  I added one can of sweet cherries in heavy syrup to the batter which I drained reserving the liquid.  
The very best part though was the frosting.  I didn't even make it correctly but the result was delicious.  I used 1/4 cup of the reserved cherry liquid in place of the milk and coconut oil for the butter.  Since Ghiradelli semi sweet chocolate chips are dairy free I used those in the mix.  The thing I forgot to add was.....wait for it.....the powdered sugar.  It's the last ingredient listed and I guess I got distracted when I was looking at a bowl of melted chocolate.  When I tasted the mix, I thought it was perfect and I didn't even remember that anything else needed to be added.  I dipped the cooled cupcakes and allowed them to set up for about an hour.  Come to think of it, some slivered almonds on top would be good. 
I shared some (so nice of me) with my sister and my dad and they gave me a thumbs up!  I'll pretend that I left the sugar out to save calories.