Words to Live By...

.Make Junk Food Yourself - Want to improve your family’s diet? Cut out commercial junk food and make it yourself -- at home, for cheaper, and less frequently..
This quote is so true.  When I was diagnosed with a semi manageable, but not curable, auto immune disorder I decided that life was too short to not eat chocolate cake.  As a lifetime dieter this was an enormous change in my thinking and way of life.  I was always depriving myself and feeling guilty for what I ate and unfortunately determined my self worth by how tight my jeans were that day.  And God forbid I had to step on a scale at a physician's office (you know they always do that first and then check your blood pressure).  Like it's going to be normal when you've just been weighed??
After my diagnosis....I stopped.
I stopped dieting, I stopped depriving myself, and I stopped worrying.
I began to eat what I wanted when I was hungry.  It really wasn't a conscious decision, but I began to eat real food.  No more low fat, low sugar, diet foods.  I ate cookies for dessert and it was so strange because I had never even allowed myself to eat anything remotely resembling a treat with the exception of fruit. I even ate less of my entree so that I could save room for dessert :D  I bought organic whole milk.  Lastly, I began to cook more whole foods and eat out less.
Guess what?  I promptly lost 10 pounds without any effort.
I'm fairly structured with my eating and I really like vegetables and whole grains which makes things easier.  Exchanging things for organic whenever feasible plays a big part in my overall health, I believe.  Also, I don't drink diet soda or eat low calorie yogurt.  Fake sweeteners are horrible for you...numerous studies say so, and honestly they taste horrible too!
Anyway, all this to say, yes, I'm eating junk food whenever I want....as long as I'm the one cooking it.