To Do List for week of 3/3/14 through 3/7/14

I haven't posted a "to do" list in a very long time, although rest assured my little fingers have been writing lists on paper like a fiend!  This week (and hopefully in the future)I am actually going to have a day off in the middle of the week.  This will allow me to do errands and appointments and free up my weekends for house projects.  I'm so happy about this because I absolutely want to to get my house in order.  I need pride in ownership when I drive up to my home.  Anyway, here is a detailed list of things I'm doing for the week.....gotta love the the list, lol.

  1. Call Dad for time on his "celebrity" pancake flipping. He'll be there from 2-3.
  2. Remind the boys about going to see Papa tomorrow Only one can go :(, he'll represent.
  3. Ask Dad to have Tom call me.It's spring, yard work, yard work.
  4. Text coworker about trading weekends for work Have to run by there and check schedule but spoke to someone who's willing.
  5. Remind boys about their Dad's birthday
  6. Text Tan to call Disney Hoping to back up reservations for spring break.
  7. Pick up steaks and chairs from warehouse.
  8. Text Scott about phone bill.
  9. Spray interior house for pest control.
  10. Get telephone number and make appointment for hair. Closed Mondays
  11. Call and see if Wednesday MD appt can be changed to an earlier time. Good thing I did...they had me down for the wrong type of appt, had to change days completely.
  12. Pick up pens from dollar store.
  13. Make a decision about changes to cable.  I think hulu plus may be taking some of the costs out of my cable bill.
  14. Purchase and install magic jack telephone system. So far so good.  I received a new telephone number although you can retain your old one and the phone is performing just as my cable phone did but the cost is only 29.99 per year.  Really!!!
  15. Write recipe reviews for cheesecake and taco bake.
  16. Get orzo at dollar store.
  17. Make reservations for Las Vegas.
  18. Run by Winn Dixie for pork butt
  19. Make appt for facial. I have a friend who's new to the business and we will be discussing a business proposal.
  20. Remind Ty about dentist appointment on 3/19/14 2pm, check his tennis schedule.
  21. Remind Tan to make dentist appointment.
  22. Post menu plan to
  23. Clean out email
  24. Crush and season Rice Krispies for this recipe for tomorrow.
  25. Iron shirts for work for week.
  26. Make sure Ty has outfit for speech on Tuesday
  27. Update resume.
  28. Recruit some help for garage clean out. My bff is doing it :)
  29. Plan a date for garage sale. Maybe partially next Saturday, if not can't do until April
  30. Clean out car
  31. Bring creamer and egg cartons to work.
  32. Encourage Ty to write a speech for Tuesday instead of "winging" it...
  33. Plan dinners at Disney....make reservations for bowling/sushi place.
  34. Write post for garlic butter.
  35. Go to Ty's scholarship program
  36. Look up info on training course and local rules and regs concerning operation
I'm sure there is more so I'll update as the week progresses.