Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

I really like this appetizer for parties or even for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon snack.  The ingredients are simple and few so you can keep most of them on hand just buying fresh mushrooms when needed.
Photo by Best Kitchen Assistant Macy

Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
16 ounces of white button mushrooms
1 pkg cream cheese
1 pkg shredded parmesan or parmesan mix
dash of hot sauce and/or cayenne pepper

Mix softened cream cheese with the parmesan and hot sauce.  Prepare the mushroom caps by method of choice.  Either wipe them down with a moistened paper towel or rinse with water.  (I know you aren't supposed to rinse, but I don't like to eat dirt)  Stuff the cheese mixture in each mushroom.  In a greased baking dish, bake at 375 degrees or until browned.