Rice Krispie Chicken Review

I made this dish last night after I baked cupcakes for a co-worker so I was a little late with dinner and forgot to snap a picture to show you what mine looked like. Next time, next time.  I added some additional spices like cayenne pepper to the mix for a spicy "fried" chicken coating.  We were all happy with the flavor but I'll be changing it slightly to accommodate my our family tastes.  I won't be using skin on chicken.  The coating is fantastic and crisp but the chicken skin just pretty much grosses me out.  You, however, may love that part. I know my boys are in the "love the skin" population but until they are cooking, I'm skinning :)  So simple, but a little messy or maybe that's just me.
Oven-Lovin' Chicken
Picture from the Kellogg's site.


  1. Oh honey. You are speaking my language!!


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