Pancake Dinner Review

Boy #2 wanted to have pancakes for dinner last night and requested that I make them with Bisquick, which of course, I didn't have in the pantry.  However, I did have all the necessary ingredients to make this recipe.  I also just happened to have some strawberry topping that I made in the freezer.  Wow....I've never had pancakes for dinner before, but I will definitely have them again.  They were delicious and contained ingredients that I can pronounce. I didn't sift the flour in fact I left lots of lumps in the batter.  The only changes I made were to add about 1/4 to 1/2 cup more flour as the batter seemed too thin for our tastes, and I exchanged melted butter for the oil.  Just use your judgement as your guide.  For future reference,  when your kids ask for pancakes for dinner, say Yes.  You won't be sorry :)