Menu Plan Monday 3/31/14

The Disney trip is over.....and I'm now back in the real world where all of the "magic" or at least most of it has more to do with working hard than any serious magic :(

I didn't have the time to do any pre chopping so this week is gonna be the age old struggle of eat at home vs easy quick bedazzling restaurant food.  We'll see which one wins.  I'm making a plan with fingers crossed.


Homemade pizza, sauteed squash, Nana's Apple Cake.  I'm using up everything in the frig that will go bad if I don't make it....doesn't really match but oh well.
To Do:  Grocery shop, make cakes, make strawberry topping.


Leftover Buffet
To Do: Nothing, chicken prepared and in freezer

Parmesan Chicken

Breaded chicken cutlet with romaine salad and lemon vinaigrette
To Do:  Nothing, everything is fresh tomorrow.


Homemade pancakes with strawberry topping, eggs, bacon.
To Do:  Prep for the rest of the week, marinate chicken


Grilled chicken breast tenders, rice, green veggies.
To Do: Put pita bread in the frig


Greek burgers on pita bread, tzatziki sauce, sliced tomatoes, potato puffs.

That's six full days of meals with minimum work on my part.  I'm thinking the easier the better.  Portion control and water intake are my focus this week because we all know what time of year this is.  Yes, I live in Florida and bathing suit season is upon us.  Five pounds of winter weight need to go!  
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