Love the list, Live the list

To Do 3/10-3/14

  1. Talk to Mom re:  Uncle John surgery
  2. Go to tractor supply or Ace Hardware for replacement part for pump sprayer...then spray the remainder of the house for monthly treatment.
  3. Get Molly flea tabs
  4. Bank, Dollar Tree, Harbor Freight
  5. Call MD
  6. PAY BILLS, file things.
  7. Finish resume
  8. Back up Quicken re-install on laptop.
  9. Decide about where to do extra time work.
  10. Write up calendar for future dates.
  11. Firm up menu plan for each day
  12. Call Kim T.
  13. Get gas in the car
  14. Give Ty his gas card, remind him to clean room like never before and to straighten house prior to tennis matches.
  15. check bank account
  16. Decide priorities for tax refund.
  17. **Carryover, make decision about change of cable.
  18. **Carryover, make reservations for Vegas.
  19. Find out what days Tan and Brit will be at Disney.
  20. Make a plan to DO something this weekend.
  21. Make a list Hee hee
  22. Clean out the garage!!!Done and my bff helped me go to the dump
  23. Email boss.
  24. Go to tennis match
  25. Get a golf cart for Disney trip Gonna have to use the one from the warehouse they are all taken :(
  26. Get paper delivered on Sundays
  27. Make pots (buy some additional) ready for planting, basil, pepper, jalapeno.
  28. Look for my other note pad.