Barbequed Ham Sandwiches and Potatoes

We had nothing special for dinner last night.  It was easy and tasty, although a little heavy on the salt.  The ham was pre chopped over the weekend and frozen for quick meals during the week.  The hardest part was remembering to put the ham package in the frig so that it was defrosted when I was ready to cook.
This lovely little puffed pastry was purchased for a nominal amount at needed a bit more sugar to the fruit or be topped with ice cream.  Yep, ice cream would be the best idea.  

This is it for this week.  I'm doing some detailed planning and cooking for our vacation next week for Disney.  I don't want to worry with doing a lot while we are "camping".
I'm quite excited and hoping (fingers crossed) that my older son and his girlfriend will be able to join us.  I'll post my progress over the weekend.