Superbowl Sunday Food Review


If your family enjoys pulled pork, this recipe should be the next one that you make....or you could put your shoes on, run right out to the store, grab anything you are lacking and make it right now!

I first made this for New Year's Day and now for the Super Bowl.  Seriously, you could put this on a flip flop and it would be fantastic!
I'm positive that this recipe is really yummy however, I forgot to make the rice or add the cilantro so my version contained cream cheese with mexican blend cheese.  I wrapped a half of piece of bacon around each instead of pre cooking before baking because honestly I didn't want to wash another dish.  :D
Mine is tasty, although for the next occasion or shindig I attend, I'll be bringing the version I found on  

Yeh, I'm eating lettuce with a squeeze of lemon for a week.