Sickness Stinks

After numerous times over the last couple of months of stating to people at work, friends, and family that I never get a stomach bug bad enough to stay home from work...I did.  I'm a hospital nurse and exposed to a lot of bugs over the course of a day which pretty much builds my immunity to extraordinary levels.  Like, since I started this job in 1999, I can't remember a time that I have been knocked over, laid over the couch, only got up when body aches and chills forced me to get another blanket, and my mommy hadn't gotten here to take care of me yet kind of sickness.  This is the ultimate "you won't slow down so I'll make you slow down, love God" message for sure.
I'm on the second day now, still not work worthy but feeling much better.  Tabby advice....wash your hands and anything and everything that you touched or touched you in the last 24-48 hours.  Disinfect is the operative word.