Must Make (I'm using Valentine's week as an excuse)

I found this blog as I was reading over at Buns in My Oven What's Cooking Wednesday.  Well, I have to say I have already bookmarked numerous recipes that I need want to make that I found over there.  Even though I'm attempting to eat more healthful, this coming week is a holiday and you have to make something special for holidays, right?  And you can only make so many memories with your teenage sons on Valentine's Day before someone else gets precedence over their Mom right?
That's my justification.
I just wish I would have bought the Ritz crackers when they were BOGO yesterday.  I literally stared at them for a full minute before deciding that I really didn't need them right now.  That'll learn me, lol.
These are called Homemade Twix Bites and appear to be as simple as I'm sure they are delicious.  I'll let you know....