Menu Plan Monday 2/24/14

Well, I didn't get as much freezer cooking done as I had hoped.  Saturday was a bust.....I had unexpected company and chores well...they just had to wait.  I did manage to make the Crockpot Applesauce recipe and I used the peels and cores from the apples as a simmering potpourri.  The house smells fantastic!
This week won't be one that everything is homemade as we have 3 tennis matches and various other appointments that will fill up any free time that we have.
Speaking of not homemade, have you ever tried any of the mixes from Tastefully Simple?  I was given two to try and they are delicious.  The Chocolate Pound Cake was truly moist (my homemade ones sometimes come out dry), and the Spinach Dip would be perfect for any shindig that might break out in my old neighborhood!  I'm certain that I will be trying more of their products.
Have a great week :)
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