Not Meatloaf for Sure

I called Boy #1 today, early I might say, and asked him to take my super easy freezer meal out and to leave it in the sink.  I did some "bargain" shopping after work only to come home to....."Oops, I forgot. .I was kinda asleep".  You could say I was a tad bit irritated but I decided to just look around.  Surely I could whip up something edible.  Turns out what I made was delicious and will grace our table again.  I used a few convenience items and had dinner on the table in 30 minutes. Sometimes the best things come out of a mistake. 
Pork Schnitzel
1 box frozen pork schnitzel,  Aldi
1/2 cup chopped bell peppers
1 slice of bacon chopped
1/4 onion
1 pkg mushroom gravy
1 cup pinot grigio
2 tbs butter
1 cup water
Squeeze of lemon
Prepare schnitzel as directed on package remove from pan and remove grease (leave the brown bits).  Add the bacon, peppers, and onion to the pan and saute till tender and bacon browned.  Add the gravy mix, water, and wine to the pan.  Allow the mixture to come to a boil and reduce by about half.   Reduce heat and add the butter stirring to incorporate.  Return the schnitzel to the pan, squeeze the lemon over the meat. Cover and allow to warm through.  Add sriracha if desired. Voila!