Changing it up--meal plan update

Because it's Thursday and because it's ridiculously cold guess what?  I changed the menu plan.  We absolutely have no desire to stand in the cold to grill pork chops, and the bag of potatoes I bought are a bit soft so.....we're having a baked potato bar!  The best thing about this is, I discovered that putting baked potatoes in a crock pot and using my crock as an oven is the best way to go.  You see, a few years ago I was following and learning all kinds of stuff about my crock.....desserts, whole chickens etc. etc.  So, when I get home tonight, all I will have to do is set out toppings and steam broccoli to round out our meal.  What a great, easy weeknight thing.

Yesterday, I went shopping for some essentials (toilet paper) at Sam's Club.  Of course, I was sucked in to look at other things too......however, I purchased two rotisserie chickens for a fantastic price and bought some multi colored peppers for a fair price also.  I went home and chopped everything and put it straight in the freezer.  I was able to get 4 packages of chicken (4 meals for us) at a cost of .81 per serving.  I don't think I could even turn the oven on for that.  Half of the peppers were chopped for adding to casseroles, soups, stews etc. and the other half will be eaten fresh in salads etc.  Now, because of an impulse buy (I knew it at the time) I will have to take something back to exchange due to poor fit.  Not only is the line excessively long for returns on the weekend but the store is far away from my home.....what a waste.  I hope I've learned my lesson....but probably not :) 
Have a happy day