Moving Stinks Monday aka Menu Plan Monday 4/29/13

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Just in case you don't have a housing move fresh under your belt, I'm here to tell you it stinks!!!! (Four exclamations needed) Especially when you've been in the same home for 10 years and never had any intention of moving.  
I would stomp my feet and whine incessantly if I thought it would do any good.  Actually I think I've tried both already,lol.
The most ironic part is that I will have a gap between living in one home and moving to another which means I get to do the moving bit twice.  I am so lucky wouldn't you say?
With all seriousness, we are lucky. Our house sold in a lagging market.  We are able to stay with my parents for the next thirty to forty five days or until closing date for our next residence and there are enough bedrooms and parking spaces for all of us while we're there.
Mom, advance we are sorry for the chaos we are sure to bring, and if not for you we would be vagabonds.
We packed the kitchen over this past weekend, so menu planning will be quite minimal until we are moved and settled in our new home.  I've donated most of my stockpile and will be working hard over the next month to plan (using coupons) to replenish.  I'm also replacing most of the cleaning items eg: toilet brush, broom, etc, etc, so coupons and sales here I come.
Be blessed


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Chicken and Rice
Sun Dried Tomato Garlic Bread


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Chicken Bacon Subs
Pasta Salad

Leftovers and Freezer Food Clean Out

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with a green salad and lots of leftover bits from the pantry!

Eat Out


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Breakfast for Dinner


If you think the pickin's are slim this week....wait until next.  I think by the time we're settled again, we won't want to look at another fast food item for quite some time.
as always....
happy Monday :o)
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