Shopping Dates

It seems as children grow, life gets more and more busy or better said cluttered.  There are years that go by when your primary goals are intertwined with transportation, school functions, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, and simply enjoying being with your babies.  During this time some friendships become stronger and some simply fade away.  No argument or disagreement occurs, but your life follows a different path.  With that being said, my friend and I are definitely at different stages of life.  My babies are teenagers and hers are just starting school.  Whereas five years ago, I was constantly saying "no" to a lunch or activity due to my so called cluttered life.  Now it's her turn to say no and I understand, because...well, I've been there.  
Okay, with the back story told, we decided to try and meet every couple of weeks while doing a mundane activity like grocery shopping, or picking up household supplies.  Last night was our first "date" :D  We met at the grocery store and perused the aisles after she put her children to bed (her hubby was home).  A Monday night at the grocery store is very relaxed and at 8pm, almost empty.  We had a great time, compared deals, and planned dinners.
Sometimes, you just have to think outside the box.  Unexpected fun and fellowship can happen anytime and anywhere.