My To Do List for Week of 1/28/13


  1. Laundry, laundry, laundry
  2. Cancel auto delivery
  3. Call the vet about flea killer for animals
  4. Clean off counter, separating tax items
  5. Mail reimbursement form after making copies of receipts (got the signature will put in mail tomorrow)
  6. Pick up 1099 form
  7. Car washed, cleaned out
  8. Make dinner (make extra chicken and pasta salad with chicken)
  9. Unload dishwasher, clean filter on bottom after watching how on youtube
  10. Post menu plan
  11. Angie's work
  12. Put steering fluid in car
  13. Clean out emails
  14. Clip coupons
  15. Pick up fruit, hamburger, and chicken breasts
  16. Verify appt time
  17. Have boy #1 get propane
Remind Boy #1 to take out trash

Remind Boy #1 to take out recyclables


  1. Appointment
  2. Look at food sale circulars
  3. Plan menu for next week 
  4. Purchase dog crate (my little smartie can break out of hers)
  5. Do some drug store/dollar store shopping.  Need shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, face scrubber, hair color, razors, body lotion, face vitamin e
  6. Buy an organizer for 2013 bill receipts, do labels
  7. Get windshield wiper blades


  1. Do taxes
  2. Lunch with family
  3. Complete anything that hasn't been done--almost still need to go to pet store/walmart type of store

This week seems like a short "work" week, although I was on this past weekend, and am working next weekend also.  The extra days at home (while the boys are at school) are allowing me to get caught up on some housekeeping tasks.  I'm even hoping to do an extended freezer cooking session.