Menu Plan Monday 1/7/13

My freezer cooking session is off to a good start, I've already made 3-4 dishes.  Now I've just got to hit the grocery store to compile the rest of the ingredients.  
(I did and I even made 3 more freezer items)
We have a BIG birthday celebration around here this coming week!  Boy #2 turns 16 on Tuesday......guess my days of driving are about done.  I'm actually a little sad but at least I'll have plenty of time, and less worry about how to get him home after the never ending sport practices he participates in.  (I'll miss that too when it's all over)  Next, is figuring out how to help him keep his tank full until he can get a job.  If it's not one thing it is another :)
Here's what we are eating this week.
Be blessed.

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  • SUNDAY--Meatloaf, Green Beans, Rice, Foccacia Bread

  • MONDAY--Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken (grilling it and freezer meal), Pasta, Steamed Broccoli or eating out for birthday celebration because of soccer tomorrow.  If we eat out, I will  make this tomorrow.
  • TUESDAY--Soccer Game, but I'm off from work so I will be making the birthday boy's favorite dessert.  Will let you know what that is when he decides :o)

  • FRIDAY--Groupon or End of the Week Homemade Pizza

  • SATURDAY--Ham and Cheese Braid, Chips and Salsa
Ham and Swiss Crescent Braid

and as always......
happy Monday :D
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