I so haven't done one of these in a long time....needless to say I definitely need one!

  1. Finish shopping x 2 stores
  2. Buy lights and decorate tree
  3. Put info in Quicken
  4. Pay monthly bills
  5. Have light bulb changed in bathroom
  6. Put up clothes and continue to do laundry
  7. Pack lunches for tomorrow
  8. Prep veggies for week
  9. Put lights around front door
  10. Buy plants for porch and mail box
  11. Shred pork remove fat
  12. Make kids straighten up areas they are responsible for
  13. Boy #2 to wash car and do inside
  14. Catch up on dvr'd shows and or watch a cheesy Christmas movie
  15. Go to bed semi early
  16. Drug store buys
  17. Write menu plan and schedule
  18. Enter in second chance drawing
  19. Boil chicken, debone and make chicken pot pie and chicken and dumplings
I will so be adding to this list as the day goes on.  I really need some accomplishment feelings!

**UPDATE--Did most everything and if I didn't have to spend the entire day at the doctor tomorrow, I would do what's left and more....I guess there is always next weekend!