Menu Plan (abbreviated version)

I actually had planned NOT to make a menu this week.  However, I decided that since I'm working for the remaining days of this week, I better put something together or my boys will revolt and eat crackers and ketchup for lunch every day. 
One of my goals for the upcoming year is to do more freezer cooking/prep so that we're eating real food on most days.  My oldest son has become is becoming a grill master (he received a new fancy grill for Christmas) so marinades and grilled items will be an important part of our plans moving forward.
The end of this week is gonna be C O L D for this Florida girl, so I'm making a couple of warm you and your house up meals.  Basically, I'll be able to use the oven to cook and to heat up the house!
I hope your holiday is blessed and spent with those that are important to you :)

Rotisserie Chicken
Snap Peas
To Do:  Make chili for crock pot, put hot dogs in frig.

Chili and Chili Dogs
Tater Tots
To Do:  Nothing, making homemade pizza tomorrow

Home Made Pizza
Green Salad

Well, nothing new recipes or 4 star difficulty meals but I have direction which is always a good thing to have at 5pm when everybody is starving.
Have a fantastic day!