Sunday, November 18, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 11/19/2012

This past week's menu was fantastic, fantabulous, stupendous........
I could go on and on since really all of these descriptions really just say that we stuck to the menu plan :D
Our extended family celebration for Thanksgiving occurs today instead of on the actual holiday which is GREAT since we all have the weekend to cook with no mid week rushing.  I am responsible for ham, green bean casserole, and a dessert that I just wanted to make.  I'll post a review later this week, but I can tell you it looks absolutely beautiful.
Have a wonderful week and take a moment to think of everything and everyone that you are thankful for!

Thanksgiving Celebration
To Do:  Set up crock pot for tomorrow.

Pita Bread Garlic Toast
To Do:  Nothing, have soccer and using a Groupon

To Do:  Slice Veggies

Pork Schnitzel
Green Veggie
To Do:  Make Broccoli Salad

Happy Turkey Day
Celebrating with friends :)
To Do:  Nothing, we are going to eat up any and all leftovers!


That's our week.  I think we'll be able to stick to it since we're eating elsewhere for at least two meals.  Hope your holiday is filled with great friends, good food, and sparkly clear cool weather.
and as always......
happy Monday :o)
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