Menu Plan Monday 10/8/12

Okay....truth....nothing got made last week except for the meatloaf.  Swim practice and work interfered with any cooking ambitions that I had.  I'm so sick of restaurant take out food!  I didn't even buy a roasted chicken from the grocery store.  Really, as unhealthy as you can get is what we had.  So this week is hopefully going to be different.  My work schedule is slowed although swim practice is still in full my goal is to successfully coordinate food/meals for the week.  I think that I'm only going to list some ideas, so I don't feel too much like a failure if everything goes to hell in a hand basket :o)

The weather here is supposed to turn cooler on, that will be a serious blessing.

  1. Calzone 
  2. Crunchy Onion Chicken, Rice, Veggie
  3. Roasted Veggies, Baked Potatoes or Mac and Cheese, Green Salad
  4. Quick and Easy Pork Chop Simmer
  5. Bird's Eye Frozen Meal (BOGO) 

Yep, only 5 meal ideas.  I'm not shooting for quality, new, or even super interesting.  I just want food from my kitchen.
Hope you have a blessed week, and..........
as always.....
happy Monday :o)
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