Oh my Word....It's a To Do List!

I have had some serious fatigue issues lately and while I have been accomplishing things....my mojo feels like it's off.  So what else do you do?  Make a To Do List in the early morning hours :D
As usual, I'll mark off as I go!

  1. Set load of wash to start in early morning
  2. Complete remainder of laundry--I don't wanna...waaaaaa....
  3. Unload Dishwasher
  4. Reload Dishwasher
  5. Make crockpot for tomorrow
  6. Last week and this week so far billing.
  7. Organized coupons
  8. Made list for shopping with coupons
  9. Go by Winn Dixie for super deals
  10. Publix/Aldi
  11. Pay bills/update Quicken
  12. Call Papa--tonight
  13. Check pay amount online.
  14. Put ALL clothes away--Again, I don't wanna.....waaaaa....
  15. Call Md
  16. Make a cake?--pie
  17. Defrost rolls
  18. Get propane for the grill--Boy #1 to do
  19. Check out insurance co pays
  20. Unload dishwasher again!!!
  21. Take Boy #2 to school, home, and to swim practice
  22. Iron clothes for work--next two days.
  23. Plan menu for next week.
  24. Clean out email
  25. Print coupons (my printer is on the fritz...yes the one who has a bad attitude)
  26. Put away suitcase
  27. Scrub carpet spot (small but annoying)
  28. Turn crockpot on.
  29. Make taco meat for freezer
  30. Make cheeseburger lasagna
  31. More billing

I am positive I will be adding more, so my Wednesday should be productive and tiring!
*****UPDATE--Everything, almost....I'm just not that in to laundry today!


  1. Wow looks like you have just about accomplished the whole list!!


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