Yet another To Do List

I haven't made a list in over a week and I kind of slacked on chores for the weekend....well not really, I grocery shopped at 3 stores, shopped for Back to School supplies, went to CVS (got some amazing deals), did about 5 loads of laundry, and hung out with family and friends.  However, I have some key things that I need to accomplish tomorrow in order for my week to run smoothly.  Some of these things have been hanging out on my lists for weeks now.  Needless to say, I'm going to tie up all those loose ends nice and neatly. I hope :)  I'm putting a roast in the crock pot tomorrow morning so dinner will be done when we are ready to eat!  Gotta love the crock for busy days.

  1. Study documentation for surgery center.
  2. Clean carpet spots.
  3. Complete laundry and put away.--in process
  4. Straighten closet.
  5. Straighten freezer
  6. Roast chicken and debone for freezer.  2 quarts full
  7. Make chicken bacon subs for freezer  5 full sandwiches
  8. Make chicken stock.
  9. Pack lunch.
  10. Make taco pie.--made meat debating about crust, think i'll mix dry ingredients together
  11. Make green salad.
  12. Chop veggies for week.
  13. Call bank and change transfer schedule, print register and statement
  14. Shop for a few more school items.(bought 2 shirts on clearance on line)
  15. Remind boys about dentist.
  16. Ask Mom to go with boys to dentist.  Dad is coming.
  17. Trip to doctor for sick boy ( if he's not feeling better)  no fever
  18. Ask boy #1 to get his textbooks for semester.
  19. Ask boy #1 to straighten room and take recyclables.
  20. Unload d/w
  21. Make strawberry quick jam.
  22. Decide what items to pack for trip.--kind of
  23. Get rental car rates.
  24. Clip coupons and file.
  25. Update Quicken and reconcile acct for last month
  26. Email realtor.
  27. Clean out emails.
  28. Order phone cover.
  29. Make list for Bill on what needs to be finished.
  30. Pull weeds around mailbox.
  31. Pull weeds in pots around front door.
  32. Color hair.
  33. Check lotto
  34. Order shirts for boy #2
  35. Put roast in crock pot
  36. Get black ink for printer.....really? just bought colored ink. Won't buy them apart now!
  37. Replace smell good stuff around the house
  38. Dollar Store
  39. Billing
Now, I believe I can accomplish all of this provided my son isn't having a pneumonia relapse.  His fever is breaking easily with pain relievers but he has a history of going from not sick to almost hospitalization very quickly.  Fingers are crossed and prayers said.
****UPDATE--no fever this morning!