To Do List

I haven't posted, or done anything else in the past couple of days because I was out of town then went straight to work for two days.  However, I did unpack my suitcase and start (operative word) the laundry for the last week.  The boys are at my beck and call today, so some projects are happening!

  1. Get tires replaced.
  2. Car cleaned.
  3. Bills, print register
  4. Clean out frig
  5. Put suitcase away!
  6. Call Dr E
  7. Make schedule for next week
  8. Get baby shower present and wrap--got half of it
  9. Take back shirt for Ty to Bealls
  10. Prepare menu plan for remainder of week.
  11. Get milk and lettuce
  12. Call Dr M nurse
  13. Call for refill B12
  14. Laundry, laundry, laundry
  15. -Re-organize back porch.
  16. -Plants at front of house.
  17. -Pull weeds at mailbox, put ant killer down
  18. -Put ant killer on large pile by pool light
  19. -Vacuum fireplace
  20. Empty, replace bags of all trash cans
  21. Make pseudo menu plan.
  22. Clean out email
  23. Knock down mushroom ring in back yard
  24. Put chairs by shed to be hauled away 
  25. Print list for Bill
  26. Unload dishwasher, put away dishes
  27. Straighten my room
  28. Call Dad
  29. Text Cathy (make a coffee appt)
  30. Make list for Tanner and Ty
  31. Call Jamie
  32. Start menu plan for next week
  33. Inventory the freezer
  34. Take nail polish back to Jamie
  35. Re paint fingernails
  36. Find out what time for work tomorrow
  37. Pack bag for tomorrow night
  38. Make lunch, set coffee for tomorrow
  39. Put clothes away
  40. Clean makeup brushes
  41. Iron clothes for tomorrow
  42. Get lightbulbs
  43. Get Powerball tickets

This starts my day off always I'll add and mark off as I go!

***UPDATE  I guess I am never going to take back the shirt, vacuum the fireplace, or wrap the present.  I've been trying for a couple of weeks.  Anyways, I pretty much got everything done, now I rest :)