Menu Plan Monday 8/26/12

Yep, we now can add swim team to the list of activities that I drive to and from on a daily basis.  My boy #2 is definitely a joiner :o)
What this really means is that I have to be extraordinarily organized for meal times.  Needless to say, I've spent the better part of today chopping, mixing, and cooking things that can be reheated or eaten easily.  
Hope your week is blessed!

Grilled Chicken
(making extra for tomorrow night's salad)
Sauteed Squash
Sauteed Mushrooms
Fingerling Potatoes with Butter
To Do:  Make salad, cook breakfast casserole, chop mushrooms, onions, ham for later in week, make corn muffins.

Grilled Chicken Salad
Corn Muffins
To Do:  Nothing, all prepped for cooking tomorrow

(I'm making mine a lightened version with jarred Alfredo sauce)
Green Salad
To Do:  Make lentils

Sliced Lettuce
Chopped Tomatoes
To Do:  Prepare crockpot, chop broccoli

Steamed Broccoli
To Do:  Nothing, eating out of freezer or take out


Pre planning makes for an easy week for me, especially with the extra added activity.  However, I have to stick with the plan for it to work :D

happy Monday!
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